Our Story

Our History

On October 26, 1863 Bethel Baptist Church is officially founded in the historic Socrum community, as documented by the minutes of the Alachua Association. Reverend Alderman Wilson served as the Church Pastor, alongside 19 founding members.

In 1928, Construction of the iconic red brick sanctuary is completed, becoming the third house of worship for the Bethel congregation. The red brick sanctuary became the primary location for regular services, serving the spiritual needs of the community for nearly eight decades.

Expanding the vision...

In 2006, Construction of the newest sanctuary on the site at Indian Pond is completed, marking the fourth house of worship for Bethel Baptist Church. The newest sanctuary replaces the red brick structure as the main venue for worship services, representing a new chapter of growth and renewal for the church. The original red brick structure still serves as a place for fellowship for members of Bethel Baptist Church.

Where we are headed...

Bethel Baptist Church continues to serve as a spiritual and geographical heart of the community, embracing its rich heritage while looking forward to the future. The church remains committed to worship, fellowship, and outreach, impacting lives and spreading the message of God's love to the Socrum community and beyond.

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