APRIL 2023
by PASTOR CLINT MILLER on April 1st, 2023
We have all heard the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I, however, would like to amend it to say simply, “Time flies while you’re living.” Think about how quickly life goes by while we are living it. In my mind, I still think I am as young, strong, and trim as I was in my twenties and thirties. However, as soon as I try to run, or walk past a mirror, I am reminded that I am entering th...  Read More
MARCH 2023
by PASTOR CLINT MILLER on March 1st, 2023
MARCH 2023 As we go through life, one thing we should learn is the value of good people and close friends. The world has a need for more good people, and we certainly have a need for more close friends. Another thing we need to learn as we grow older is that we should value those who we consider close friends because the unavoidable limits of biology often express themselves in inopportune times. ...  Read More
by PASTOR CLINT MILLER on February 1st, 2023
FEBRUARY 2023 God moved the Miller Family from Newborn, Georgia to Lakeland, Florida a year ago this month. Although I was born and raised in Georgia, Florida has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up, my family always vacationed in Daytona Beach. Furthermore, my children started school in Fort Myers when I pastored FBC Pine Island. Our return trip to minister in Florida has been ama...  Read More
by PASTOR CLINT MILLER on January 1st, 2023
JANUARY 2023 “New Beginnings!” Think about that phrase. Aren’t you glad that new beginnings are possible in this life? Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions in the past. Most of them revolve around our weight or finances. “This is the year I am going to lose 10 pounds (or 50 for some of us).” However, to be honest, those resolutions usually last until the end of January, and then we return t...  Read More